Banquet Reservation
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Click the Submit button then follow the instructions on the Payment page
Annual Banquet Reservation & Payment
is a two-step process

1 - Fill out the application form on this page completely
   - Click the BLUE
Submit button at the bottom of the form
   - If the application form is properly filled out, you will be taken to the
Payment page  

2 - On the Payment page either
       (a) Click the correct PayPal button for the number of people in your party and complete the payment in PayPal
                             - OR -
      (b) Mail a check in the correct amount to the address provided and click the confirmation button
The Greater Detroit Soaring and Hiking Society
Annual Banquet will be held at Seymour Lake Park on Sunday December 17th from 1:00PM - 6:00PM.

The cost is $20 per person.

Follow the instructions on this page to Reserve & Pay.

Payment needs to be received by December 1st